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Custom Pins Request

I've gotten so many custom pin request and unfortunately i cannot make one single pin for one single person. If you'd really like that design and wouldn't mind making 99 more for me to sell to others than we can definitely work something out and collaborate! Just send me an email at with the subject as "Pin Collaboration Idea" and I'll try to get to you as soon as possible! 

Refund/Return Policy

I'm one person and I really can't do anything about lost or stolen packages because of the post offices mistakes. I'll always do my best to make sure none of this happens, but I can't always assure they'll do the same.

I will issue a refund if your package has not been shipped yet. If your package has been shipped then i will only issue a refund under certain circumstances.

If the wrong product is sent, please message/email as soon as possible so that this can be fixed. I will need proof of the wrong item received (i.e. a photo). After proof is sent I can either refund you, minus the shipping cost, or i can send you a replacement! You will not be asked to send the item back due to the mistake on my part!

For returns if you'd like to exchange your purchase that can be arranged! Just send me an email at with the subject as "exchange/return" and I'll get to you as soon as possible  so we can work something out!


Preorders are products that have not been produced yet or are currently in the production process! Orders cotaining these listings will be delayed until the the item has finished production! some products can take up to a month or 2 to arrive! Fr this reason these items have been listed at a lower price than what they would be originaly.

If an order has been placed with a 1 or more items in inventory and a preorder, all items will be shipped when the preordered item arrives! If this is not something you want please email me and we can work something out!♥

Where to Find My Products


305-104 E. 4th Street, 

Santa Ana, CA 92701

The Hidden Hand Society

2301 Bull Street 

Savannah, GA 31401

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